Monday, December 7, 2020

Kettle Calling Pot Black: Abia Governor Supends his Chief of Staff for Spraying Money on Odumeje

Okezie Ikpeazu
Gov. Okezie Ekpeazu Getting Naira Shower

Two Videos:

Yesterday: Chief of Staff to Abia Governor, Dr. ACB Agbazuere, Suspended by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for Spraying Money on Odumeje

Earlier: Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, Dancing while Money is Sprayed on him

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Fear of Military Takeover in Nigeria: Buratai Warns Generals Against Coup

 Buratai Warns Generals Against Coup

…Vows Nigerian Army won’t tolerate any destabilization act against democracy 

…We are aware Military officers are being approached but our eyes are on them 

Gen. TY Buratai

By Kingsley Omonobi, Abuja 

CHIEF of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, has warned generals against coup, vowing that the Nigerian Army will never tolerate any agent of destabilization bent on scuttling the current democratic dispensation. 

Buratai, who spoke, yesterday, while the   Nigerian Army decorated 39 newly promoted Major Generals, said he was aware that some generals were being approached and his eyes are on them. 

“Democracy has come to stay. We will not tolerate any agent of destabilization. The years of military misadventure in politics have never carried us anywhere. It is over,” he said. 

Disclosing that the Army hierarchy was aware of some interests making efforts to interact with certain personnel, General Buratai expressed confidence in the discipline and loyalty of the newly decorated officers. 

He charged the new generals: “Do not hobnob with politicians. At this rank of two star generals, do not lobby for appointment. If you want to lobby for appointment, lobby the Chief of Army Staff and you can only do this through hard work, discipline and loyalty.

 “The crop of officers (39 Major Generals) decorated yesterday will never be dragged into any interest that is contrary to the sustenance of democracy in our nation. 

“All our eyes are on you. We know there are several moves to get your attention. You must make sure that whatever you are doing, and when some persons approach you, you must act within the confines of the constitution.” 

On the security challenges plaguing the nation for which the polity has been awash with calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack the service chiefs, Gen Buratai said: “I am glad that we held the Spiritual Warfare Seminar on Wednesday and most of the decorated generals today are graduates of the Spiritual Warfare Seminar. 

“I must say that the Spiritual Warfare Seminar we had last time, helped us during the last #EndSARS protest to the extent that there was no single corpse, but some persons were seeing double at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos State.” 

He continued: “We will continue to protect every law abiding Nigerian anywhere in the country and we will do that in accordance with  the rules of engagement and confines of the constitution.” 

To officers and soldiers, the COAS said: “The next most important appointment after the Chief of Army Staff is that of the General Officers Commanding the divisions; the GOC must see himself as that repository of discipline, loyalty and regimentation. We shall work hard to ensure we improve the welfare of our troops. 

“There is more work to be done in the theatres of operation but by and large, I want to say there is tremendous improvement in countering insecurity. We must maintain our new tempo that is working. I believe that in the not too distant future the new strategies will be successful.” 

In his address, Guest of Honour and Minister of Defence, Major General Bashir Magashi, retd, corroborated the comments of the Chief of Policy and Plans, Army, Lt. Gen LO Adeosun, who said godfatherism and lobbying for appointments and promotions was affecting the operations of the Nigerian Army. The minister said: “We should try and see that we eliminate godfatherism. 

There is no need to have short cut in life. Go with the advice of hard work, loyalty and discipline so that when it comes to any promotion board, you don’t need to lobby anybody.”

From Vanguard 

Friday, November 6, 2020

America's Tribes Go to the Polls Amidst Uncertainty: A News Report on the US Elections Written Using Cliche American Perspective on Africa

by K. Sakyi-Addo:  A news report on the US elections written using the same perspective that they do when reporting on Africa and the rest of the world 


Millions of American tribesmen and women are voting today to elect a president and lawmakers.  

Two white tribal elders are contesting to rule the Covid-ravaged wheat-exporting former British colony for the next four years. They are the incumbent Donald J. Trump of the ruling Republican Party and Joseph R. Biden of the opposition Democratic Party, both in their seventies. 

Due to the levels of illiteracy, candidates are represented on the ballot by animals, the elephant for the Republicans and a braying donkey for the Democrats. 

Over 230,000 people have died of covid, more than any country in the world, leading to widespread poverty and joblessness unseen in the vast country in a century. 

Millions are dependent on food rations, homelessness is rife, and open defecation common in some provincial capitals. 

As temperatures drop, the homeless sleep on cardboards and are warmed by steam rising from underground sewers at night. By day, they live off coins tossed their way by European and African tourists. 

Some voters received assorted food packs from the ruling party suspected by the opposition to be in exchange for votes. 

In parts of the province of South Dakota, children travel tens of km every day to attend the nearest school, with many barely aware of a world beyond their homestead and school playground. 

Mr. Trump who is neither a believer in God nor science, earlier this year promoted drinking cleaning detergents to the country’s 330 million citizens as the means to fight covid.  Some mountain village tribesmen heeded his advice and required emergency medical care. 

It is unclear which brand of bleach Mr. Trump, his wife, son and courtiers drank when they were infected with the deadly disease in October.  

Some insiders are certain Mr. Trump, believes the earth is flat.  He also believes opposition leader Biden belongs to a cult whose members sleep with children for juju. 

Trump is a close friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with whom he publicly exchanged crude insults earlier in his term. Some observers believe the American leader envies Kim’s god-like status among his people, and aspires to a similar grip on Americans. 

The opposition have accused him of packing his administration with Trump clansmen and women and in-laws. 

The country has a curious system of democracy adopted in 1788 in which candidates are sometimes elected with vastly fewer votes. In 2016, Mrs Hillary Clinton, an elder from the former ruling Democratic Party had three million more votes than Mr. Trump, but was declared the loser much to the bewilderment of democracy watchers elsewhere in the world.  She would have been the first woman to lead the country in more than 200 years. 

Tension has been high in the run-up to the polls with armed gangs, such as the Proud Boys militia, threatening to reject the results should their candidate lose. 

Some tribal militiamen were caught recently plotting to abduct the head of Michigan province and stage a military coup. 

Over the weekend, members of the opposition accused gun-toting, flag-waving ruling party supporters from the Texan tribe of trying to push their candidate’s vehicle off a cliff. 

Earlier this year, dozens of towns across the country witnessed riots sparked by discrimination against black tribespeople. Their ancestors were shipped from west Africa in their millions over a four-hundred-year period to work as slaves on cotton plantations.  

In May this year, George Floyd, a Black tribesman from the province of Minnesota, was killed in broad daylight by a policeman from the white tribe who knelt on his neck until his last breath left him as people watched. He is now out on bail. Another who shot a black tribes woman dead in her own bed at home was not even indicted, leading to further riots. 

Members of the minority black tribe were counted only as three-fifths human in the 18th century and got the full right to vote in 1965. 

A black armed militia known as NFAC has also emerged saying they are ready to fight the white tribes.  They said they were tired of holding hands and mournfully singing “Kumbaya”, a spiritual sang by their forebears, in response to atrocities against their kinsmen and women. 

Thousands of shops have been boarded up with plywood and markets closed for fear of post-election unrest. 

African analysts believe the African Union or ECOWAS should send observers to watch the polls to ensure they are free and fair. 

It is not known whether the UN has taken measures to parachute peacekeepers in, should civil war break out in the increasingly isolated territory. 

K. Sakyi-Addo, African News Network.

Kwaku A. Sakyi-Addo

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Some Nigerian Soldiers Could Face Punishment for Allegedly Writing an Article Online

--- by Femi Thomas (NaijaBlog)

Prior to the recent online speculation
Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai
about the overstay of 143rd Battalion in the ongoing battle against the Boko-Haram insurgency, some soldiers of the unit may face severe punishment for allegedly writing  the article, which has attracted the concern of some senior officers in the Army.

It should be noted that troops of 143rd Battalion were inducted into Operation Lafiya Dole in Adamawa, Northeastern Nigeria on November 30th 2014 and advanced to Madagali and Limankara, Borno State from Mararaba Mubi on foot. The unit has her headquarters at Madagali, Adamawa State with four locations, which include Michika, Gulak, Sabon Gari, and Limankara under it.

However, the unit among three other units (114th,115th, and 117th) are under the 28th Task Force Brigade, Chibok, which is responsible for the operation in the Adamawa Axis.  A source close to the military revealed that except for the 114th Battalion, none of the other three battalions, including 143rd Battalion, which was the first to be inducted into the operation had been rotated.

It should be noted that Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. T. Buratai, has in the past mentioned that no unit is to exceed two years in the operation without rotation.  A source also revealed that as a result of this, soldiers after two years in the operation were patiently waiting to be rotated to enable them re-unite with their loved ones.  All to no avail.  About two consecutive times, the Unit has gotten a signal for rotation, which died without actions.  The most recent was the nomination of 144th Battalion of Abia State to rotate the unit, only for them to be diverted to Mongunu in Borno State after two months of intensive training at Buni Yadi, Yobe State.  Next was the nomination of 6th Battalion, Awka Ibom which also died down as well.

As a result to this, a dissatisfied soldier took to social media and sent an SOS article across soliciting for an urgent intervention of the appropriate authority.

In the article, he condemned the present and past commanding officers, present and past Brigadier Generals and blamed them for theoverstay of the units. The writer also condemned the Chief of the Army Staff and blamed him for thwarting the nomination of the units that were supposed to relieve 143rd Battalion and regarded him as not having integrity. Moreover, the writer lamented the poor feeding, lack of special promotion, and poor welfare of soldiers among others.

As a result to this, the unit has been changed from operation back to unit, replaced by 144th Battalion  on 15th of July, 2019. However, higher authority of the Army picked offence because of the write up and wants to know the writer of the social media article. Ten soldiers of 143rd Battalion who were not allowed to go with the unit were arrested and accused of masterminding the write up because they had decried the poor feeding in their location on their unit's WhatsApp chat platform sometime,  a while  before the emergence of the said article. The soldiers were arrested and upon interrogation were detained in the Battalion's Guardroom at Madagali and subsequently taken to 7th Division Military Police Guardroom at Borno State for further interrogation and detention.

A source close to the military disclosed that this single act might keep the soldiers behind the bar for as long as possible without trial.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Inspired by Evil: Nigerian Military Deletes Tweet that Uses Trump's Words to Justify Killing of Shi'ite Protesters

EPA NIGERIA OPERATION BOKO HARAM WAR ARMED CONFLICT NGANigerian military tweeted a horrible message in which it used Donald Trump's words and video to justify the killing of scores of unarmed Shi'ite protesters. 
The military deleted the tweet after an outcry from human rights organizations.  However, copies of the tweet were captured before it was deleted.  

According to the Nigerian Army, 
"We released that video to say if President Trump can say that rocks are as good as a rifle, who is Amnesty International."

Inspired by Evil:  Nigerian Military Deletes Tweet that Uses Trump's Words to Justify Killing of Shia Protesters

See also:  Sunni Dominated Nigerian Army Ignites anti-Shiite Violence in Abuja

From USA Today:

The Nigerian military has deleted a tweet which appeared to use President Donald Trump’s words to justify its use of lethal force against a group of protesters last week.
The army, which has come under fire for alleged human rights abuses, tweeted a video of Trump suggesting immigrants could be shot if they throw rocks at the U.S. military with the caption “Please Watch and Make your Deductions.”
The video is a clip from a speech Trump gave at the White House on Thursday in which he announced his administration was preparing to change the country's asylum practices in light of a  migrant caravan fleeing danger in Central America that is headed for the United States.
"They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back," the president told reporters. "I told them to consider it a rifle. When they throw rocks like what they did to the Mexican military and police, I say consider it a rifle."
Trump later walked back his comments, saying migrants who throw stones at members of the military at the U.S. border will be arrested. He said he hoped "they won't have to fire" and disputed how his previous comments were perceived by the public. 
"I didn't say shoot," Trump said. "I didn't say shoot. But if they do that with us they're gonna be arrested for a long time."
The Nigerian military tweet seemed to reference violence against protesters that occurred over the weekend. An Amnesty International report found that Nigerian soldiers and police killed at least 45 supporters and injured 122 others of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria over the course of two days. The group was holding a peaceful religious procession in the capital, Abuja.
Protesters demanded the release of their leader, Sheik Ibrahim El Zakzaky, whose detention was described as “unlawful and unconstitutional” by a federal court in December 2016, according to Amnesty International.
Nigeria Army spokesman John Agim told the New York Times that the army posted the video in reaction to the report accusing the army of using weapons against protesters.
“We released that video to say if President Trump can say that rocks are as good as a rifle, who is Amnesty International?” he told the newspaper. “What are they then saying? What did David use to kill Goliath? So a stone is a weapon.”

Both the tweet and the initial remarks by Trump have received widespread condemnation from human rights advocates. Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power called it "sickening."

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Human Rights Fact-Finding Report: Nigeria at High Risk of Violent Implosion Due to Multiple Tension Points - Part 1


Image result for nigeria crisisWe recently conducted a fact-finding mission to Nigeria. One of the objectives was to investigate the June massacre in Plateau that claimed more than 230 lives inter alia.
However due to the violence that erupted in Jos while we were en route and continued for a week after, we had to cut short the duration of the mission and modify the scope.


We met Anne (9 years) who lost her dad and step brother and sister (4&6 years) in the June massacre that claimed 230 lives.
Her dad’s new wife too died. She’s the daughter of his ex-wife and all that’s left of his family. Although she was in a different part of Barkin Ladi that wasn’t attacked, Anne told us she didn’t take any exams in the last session as schooling was disrupted. 
Apart from being orphaned by the massacre, vulnerable children like Anne have also suffered academically. We were unable to visit his grave because the victims were given mass burials.

We gathered that suspected Fulani gunman shot into a community in Rukuba the day before we arrived. 

Nine people out of 13 killed were from one family. All were members of the ECWA church - a prominent denomination in northern Nigeria.
The day we arrived there were protests because the attacks occurred near the Rukuba military cantonment just after a checkpoint. Security forces came and opened fire killing a couple of the protesters. As a result protesters burnt a military vehicle etc.
Gunfire could be heard over the line in phone calls to a widowed IDP from the northeast now living in Jos for safety. She was advised to lay flat on the ground to avoid stray bullets.
Travelers from the northeast also stopped outside Jos town and stayed overnight in a neighboring state for the situation to ameliorate.

This attack is unusual. The Fulani Herdsmen typically attack defenseless rural communities. This attack in a capital city beside a military barracks is bizarre in its brazenness. This put the whole city on edge and Muslim and Christian sections of town were bracing for an all out conflict but for the intervention of Peace-building religious leaders.

Despite these interventions by civil society to avoid a full scale religious conflict, silent killings have continued into October. In addition uniformed men have continued to carry out mass killings. It is unclear if they are impostors or military collaborators. However students of the University of Jos were amongst those killed leading to mass evacuations by various state governments of students from those states.

Amidst the chaos, the military, contrary to their public statements of reassurance, have engaged in illegal arrests and mass abductions of innocent citizens in a supposed search for a missing retired General.

In particular the case of a Punch Newspaper journalist known to us, Mr Friday Olokor, draws grave concern. Mr Olokor and over 30 others, were randomly abducted by the military and detained for about 28 hours despite his identifying himself as a journalist and being verified by a military spokesperson.

Mr Olokor’s unfortunate travails show the harsh reality of what the people of Plateau have complained of for long. His harrowing account is narrated here.…/
Indeed prior to this, we had investigated the case of several missing young men who disappeared on September 29. Family members searched hospitals, mortuaries and police stations for their loved ones to no avail. They approached the army who refused to disclose if their sons were in their custody. However they were released the following day by the army.

It is disconcerting that innocent people who were eating in restaurants were simply rounded up by the military for no just cause. A pregnant woman Noro Dung has been declared missing in Latiya community and a beloved Principal of Baptist High School Frama Abraham has been found dead after being reported missing.

The army is reportedly continuing mass arrests unabated. This time, motorists are allegedly being stopped and abducted by the military leaving their vehicles right on the streets.
Innocent citizens are complaining that the military has deployed more resources in search of the missing retired General than they ever did for those who perpetrated the June massacre that claimed over 200 lives or even the current attacks.

Religious leaders warned that continuous arbitrary military high handedness could destabilize the fragile peace they have managed to maintain in a highly volatile atmosphere.
We similarly monitored a report that a benefactor who assisted the military with his home for their search operation was detained by them after they damaged his house and he requested compensation. Mr Paul Barde remains in detention.

The military risks alienating the community and losing the hearts and minds of their host community by these uncharitable and insensitive acts. Indeed no one will be motivated to cooperate with them if they repay kindness with wickedness.

On a positive note however, it is important to add that some respondents were appreciative of the military’s efforts in saving them during the initial outbreak. One of our network lawyers reported “At about 7.30pm yesterday, suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked the Kampala/Graffiti area along Rukuba Road and were shooting continuously. The Army responded swiftly and rescued some of those trapped there including my friend using some Hilux Vans.”

Additional report stated, “Just coming back from Gwol village were the Fulani attacked our people, we just buried the last two men found after the other 10 were buried in the morning. As a Denomination we lost 8 men under ECWA Church jol, Gwol DCC . Pray for the family, pray for the church as its almost crippled, pray for 13 people under admission with various degrees of injuries mostly from gun shots. Pray for the family of the gallant Mobile police officer who refused to run away with other security force but promised the villagers that unless he dies, he will fight to protect them. He is the 13th person killed.”
The gallantry of the yet unidentified Police Officer is commended as we were told by several people that the army pulled out on some occasions leaving them vulnerable or even refused to intervene saying only the STF (Special Task Force) could intervene.
Additional eyewitness accounts available here


We visited an IDP camp that hosts thousands of people displaced during the June massacre in Barkin Ladi.
That massacre is potentially the second bloodiest in Plateau state this decade:
-The Dogo Nahawa massacre of March 7, 2010 claimed over 500 lives
-The Barkin Ladi massacre of June 22 & 23, 2018 claimed over 230 lives
-The Barkin Ladi massacre of July 7 & 8, 2012 which claimed 101 lives including a Senator
Interviews conducted with IDPs elicited the following findings:
i. Fulani Herdsmen continue to graze their cows on the farms of the IDPs. Although apprehended by the police, the Herdsmen only offered 30,000 naira (less than $10) as compensation which was rejected by the farm owners.
ii. Fulani Herdsmen are occupying homes of the IDPs. In particular, an IDP who returned to their home just to pick food, shockingly found a Fulani family occupying her house. She was warned to leave.
iii. A schoolgirl who survived an attack by Herdsmen in early June escaping with bullet wounds, was again displaced during the June massacre later in the month. Despite the injuries sustained and her hand being in a stent, she is neither undergoing physiotherapy or pain management.
iv. Children in the camp have had their education disrupted from June to the present time with no provision made for them. This is in contrast to IDP kids in the northeast where even Herdsmen kids are benefiting from educational interventions.
1. We engaged with the United Nations Head Quarters in USA on the issue of the UNICEF midwife held hostage by BH/ISWA Terrorists. We are hopeful that the release of Alice Ngaddah and other aid workers were discussed with Gen. Buhari during his visit to the UNGA as we requested.
2. We met church leaders and gathered that they have asked the FGN to secure the release of Leah.
We also met with Leah’s parent who was distraught at the deadline given concerning her daughter.
We note that after almost 8 months since her abduction, Gen. Buhari finally contacted Leah’s family by phone.
Our investigation shows that the Nigerian government has previously paid ransoms to the faction of Boko Haram holding these hostages.
We understand that they are likely demanding both a steep financial ransom and prisoner exchange. We urge the Nigerian government to do all that is necessary to effectuate the prompt release of Leah and other hostages.

On Friday September 28, an election rerun was held in 4 Local Governments of the Osun State Gubernatorial election. The previous week the opposition PDP candidate had won but the feds insisted on a rerun in 4 counties. Sadly, there was voter intimidation and someone killed and the ruling party candidate mysteriously emerged winner.
There is understandable outrage across the country for this brazen daylight robbery. International community observers excoriated the charade.
It is now clear to all that Gen Buhari’s re-election strategy is violence. Even within his ruling party primaries and rallies, crowds bear weapons openly.
We have seen voter mobilization unlike ever before including communities traditionally averse to politics. The problem though is while they are getting voter’s cards, others are getting AK47s as has happened in the last two presidential elections.
- In 2011, 700 churches and hundreds of Christians were killed in 48 hours when General Buhari lost the elections. It was the worst attack in contemporary Christendom. It wasn’t even terrorism. Just elections. We worked to document the atrocities across 12 northern sharia states.

- In 2015, we worked on the “Peaceful Polls Project” to prevent violence. President Jonathan chose to concede power to Gen Buhari after the elections to avoid bloodshed. The latter‘s reign has however been blood-drenched regardless.

- For 2019, herdsmen groups who have justified various mass slaughters of Christian farming communities have pointedly warned that there will be “war” if Buhari is not re-elected. Considering their ongoing genocidal campaign, it can only be imagined what else they have to unleash from their war chest.

Accordingly we wish to issue an early warning concerning:
- the high propensity for all out Religious Conflict in Jos Plateau State NOW if the situation is not handled with care by the military and if the perpetrators are not brought to justice by the authorities 
- high probability of mass violence in 2019 if the ruling party frustrates free and fair elections or suppresses the will of the people expressed via the ballot box
- High likelihood for execution of hostages if the Nigerian government does not respond to the terrorists. We note that all the hostages including Leah were abducted from government custody so there’s an even greater moral burden on the FGN to rescue these people whom they failed to protect!
- a high probability that all the centrifugal forces mentioned above amongst others could lead to a massive national conflict without insightful, incisive and decisive leadership to positively and proactively address them. 
- a perceptible sense that many citizens are losing confidence in the Nigerian project and an overwhelming consensus that the nation’s 58th October 1 Independence anniversary was not worth celebrating.

Emmanuel Ogebe
Special Counsel - Justice for Jos Project 
Profile of Emmanuel Ogebe

International Human Rights Lawyer Specializing in Africa Issues

Special Counsel, Justice for Jos Project



Mr. Emmanuel Ogebe is an international human rights lawyer specializing in Africa. He earned the singular distinction of being the youngest law graduate in his home country of Nigeria. Exiled to the US after becoming one of Nigeria’s political prisoners during the brutal years of military dictatorship under General Abacha in the 90s, Mr. Ogebe has played a role in shaping US Congressional and foreign policy in Nigeria’s quest for a stable democracy as a top Nigeria expert. In addition to testifying before the New York City council on the historic move to name a street after a slain Nigerian activist, he has also testified before the US Congress. Mr. Ogebe has been a guest speaker at university campuses across the US and provides expertise and insights about Nigeria on radio and TV programs around the world, e.g. CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera, BBC and has spoken at the Geneva Summit, the United Nations, the World Bank, the Canadian Parliament.  

His specialization in US-Nigeria affairs has positioned him strategically to relate to key players on both sides of the aisle and on both sides of the Atlantic. He was consulted by the Clinton Administration as well as the Bush Administration on their Presidential visits to Nigeria in 2000 and 2003 respectively. 

Mr. Ogebe is holds the distinction of being the first Special Legal Consultant on Nigeria out of 100,000 lawyers admitted in the US capital. His consulting firm, the US Nigeria Law Group is located in Washington DC.  He also doubles as Special Counsel for the Justice for Jos Project, a pro bono initiative of his firm, which has worked in the last decade to document, advocate and garner international attention to the horrific crimes against humanity in northern Nigeria. He engages with the United Nations, The International Criminal Court, the EU and the US amongst others to advocate on behalf of Nigeria’s persecuted Christian minorities. On November 13 2013, Mr. Ogebe testified before the US Congress’ Africa subcommittee and was credited by the Chairman of being helpful to the US Administration’s policy reversal in designating Nigerian terror group Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization that day. Mr. Ogebe had submitted briefs to Secretaries Clinton and then Kerry making a case for FTO designation.

His work helping victims included relocating Escaped Chibok schoolgirls who were abducted by Boko Haram in April 2014 to US schools as well as humanitarian aid and assistance to survivors, widows and orphans, refugees & IDPs in Nigeria.

Mr. Ogebe also helped the prosecutors of the International Criminal Court focus on Islamist terror group Boko Haram and open a preliminary examination into the group for crimes against humanity on the basis of religion.

Mr. Ogebe is also a recipient of the US President’s Bronze Award for his pro bono work providing technical assistance to NGOs in northern Nigeria.  

Mr. Ogebe was bestowed the “Hero of the Year” Award by the Darfur Women Action Group on International Human Rights Day in 2016 and the “Diaspora Person of the Year” Award by the Editorial Board of the Idoma Voice Newspaper.  

Inspired by Emmanuel Ogebe’s work with the escaped Chibok girls, famous actress and playwright Danai Gurira who wrote the Broadway play Eclipsed   about enslaved women in Liberia, dedicated each Broadway performance of her play with a reading of the names of the missing girls. Bono, the famous lead singer of U-2, appeared on stage with the Eclipsed cast to launch the remembrances.

Mr. Ogebe’s human rights advocacy work has expectedly drawn the ire of the Nigerian government. Recently unveiled court documents show that the Nigerian embassy in Washington wrote a secret memo to the regime stating that ”Mr. Ogebe derives pleasure from trash-talking Nigeria on social media, in the Chambers of the United States Congress and other public places across the United States...

Going forward, to prevent Mr. Ogebe, who is a Nigerian citizen, from making further derogatory comments that are inimical to the image of Nigeria, Government may consider taking punitive action against him, including withdrawal of his privilege to carry a Nigerian passport.”Mr. Ogebe continues to be a valiant voice for the persecuted notwithstanding.